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GrooveDown up again!

For those not familiar with, GrooveShark is a free service that let you store and listen to tons of music. Born in 2006, today it has almost 30 million registered users and more than 15 million tracks. Everyone can log in to the website (even from a smartphone using the optimized HTML5 version) to create playlists and listen to stored songs.


The more you get the more you want!
More and more users began to use GrooveShark and increasingly the following question arose:

How can I download the music I'm listening to?

Unfortunately this was not properly supported due to various problems (e.g. licensing not valid worlwide) the only thing you could do was listen to streamed music... Luckily someone developed a very simple program called GrooveDown to fill this gap. What you can do with it is very simple: open the program, type the name of an artist or a song and click the download button. The nice thing is that this was a Java software and can therefore be used on any operating system: Windows, Mac OS or Linux.

The outage

After a period of honorable service GrooveDown stopped working. Opening the program leads to an error and you cannot connect to the server. The website from which you could download it became unreachable, no new versions came out so it seemed that this road was no longer viable. When all hope seemed to be lost something happened: a new unofficial version, the 0.9 (modified by a guy called maestrulin), came out fixing the problem and allowing you to redownload music again!


How to obtain it

Since there's no official repository, I linked a download location here.

To get all the stuff in place, please follow this checklist:

  • Make sure you have Java installed on your PC or download it here.
  • Take a ride on GrooveShark and check whether your favorite song is available.
  • It is not strictly necessary but to avoid problems it is better to set and as DNS on your PC (search on the web how to do it).
  • Find the patched GrooveDown here selecting "Download".
  • Unzip the content of the archive using the password provided below.
  • Open up GrooveDown.jar and type in the title of a song.
  • Click the + button on the left side of a song name, and in a few seconds you'll have it on your PC.

Enter the above password (all lowercase) to extract the zip file.

Remember that you can copy and download as a backup only those tracks you bought.

Said that... Good listening to you all!