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On this page you can find some projects and productions that I created, invented, copied, or where I just played my part. It's a page intended for historical memory rather than a real showcase, because more often I forget what I've done!

Due to the limited space available online I cannot describe exhaustively what follows, if you are interested to learn more please contact me.

  • Home Automation

    A global IoT project to let speak togheter every single “smart component” inside our home.

  • La Notte dei Lumi

    Design of the stand, all the music, cocktails, gadgets, people organization… in a few words: everything needed for this special evening.

  • Blueeden logo

    The right mix of style and text to fit an ambitious project at national level.

  • The Cheshire Cat

    A wall painting in our house, a tribute to the legendary character by Carroll.

  • Curriculum Vitae

    Who said that resumes should be all the same? A little bit of style can't be unnoticed…

  • Restyling locale

    Billboards, lists, flyers: a global restyling with "vintage" atmosphere after the management change of this pub.

  • Alarm interface

    A software to control and check the status of a Bentel ABS alarm.

  • Gym House website

    A virtual window with timetables, interactive courses, training programs, etc.

  • Lounge Pass

    Personal invitation for exclusive dinner with Wallet™ Passes enhancement.

  • Digital a-la-carte

    A restaurant menu with graphics changed daily and automatic updates directly online.

  • Landmark mixing

    Take out some characteristic aspects of these two monuments and mix them up… you get the dome of liberty!

  • Invitation to a baptism

    Graphics plus “content delivery” for a new 2.0 ceremony!

  • JKD diploma

    A graphic restyling to help a JKD instructor print his degrees.

  • Clarinet website

    Some tricks to make a website done for oilmen a little bit attractive!

  • Aperitif DJ Set

    Also during vacation, on the beach by the sea: a DJ Set to bring good music with me…


    Made on request, a replica of this amazing Sheldon t-shirt.

  • L'Allegro Celurgo

    Mine “silly” version for this classic society game of my childhood.

  • Gym flyer

    An ad campaign to start a new fitness centre business.

  • Logic Pro Remix

    A remix submitted to a Beatport contest, done using Logic Pro.

  • Little Homemade Things

    The “certification” for those little things made by Elena!

  • Photo-comics

    A funny idea to celebrate a friend of mine wedding…

  • Vynil clock

    Stylish interior design… A tribute to my two favorite DJs and to clubs in la Isla Blanca.

  • I Tri Basei website

    To replicate on-line the rustic atmosphere of this restaurant and its ancient traditions.

  • Fake newspaper

    An idea to celebrate Elena's degree… I reproduced an ad-hoc version of this newspaper with custom news happened that day!

  • iTunes artworks

    For those tracks (mainly mashup or bootleg) not officially released, to look consistent with their library siblings.

  • Tidal League

    I preside our fantasy soccer league, if you think this an easy task you don't know what kind of players I must bear! ;-P

  • “Keep Calm” t-shirt

    A gift for a friend of mine… customized with one of her most common phrases.

  • Video authoring

    A short sequence to keep track of a memorable experience.

  • Q-Setup website

    I've taken care of the WordPress customization and general design/graphics process.

  • Sunset mixdown

    The mixed sequence I made for a Beatport's contest.

  • Flyer serata

    Printed on cardboard and distributed as advertising material.

  • Booth graphics

    Photos, graphics and slogan to arrange our booth appearance.

  • Fashion show soundtrack

    A mixed tracklist, a background for models on the catwalk that should take into account: timing, style, rhytm and so on.

  • iBeacon app

    A companion app connected to a pilot project used as a demo for this localization system.

  • Interior design

    A personal need more than else… since we had to restructure our home why not draw as it will be?

  • Graphic consulting

    Android design (I'm not an Android developer) only for the UI part.

  • Advertising campaign

    A series of posters to promote the new season courses of this English school.

  • CommTech website

    University website redesign and overall appearence refreshing of the department.

  • Deep Remix

    For a DJ set I needed a deep version of one of my favorite EDM tracks, here it is.

  • Web app

    A control panel to monitor different sensors for office automation.

  • Photo album

    Another gift to collect moments of our life that will be never forgotten.

  • Cocktails menù

    New ownership and new menus for this pub… a redesign was needed!

  • Digital publishing

    The digital version of this free local magazine.

  • Company booklet

    A text + graphic brochure to present a new enterprise.

  • Carnival costumes

    One of my most successful productions. These carnival costumes inspired to Lego minifigs were awesome!

  • App for personal use

    A convenience app to let me open our office automated door when I've not keys with me.

  • La Settimana Ele nigmistica

    The customized version of this weekly magazine that contains puzzles and crosswords as an alternative way to find out what was the real gift.

  • Podcast/mixdown

    A music test to learn how to mixdown elements related to radio and podcasts.

  • Hand and digital drawings

    All the steps to pass from the original free-hand version to digital representation of the same drawings.

  • Indoor posters

    Colored graphics to advertise evening events inside lounge and café.

  • Board games

    Several expansions to different board games in order to extend gameplay and give them a personal touch.