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Uninstall AVG 2013

Always for the virus & anti-virus saga here you'll find how to completely remove AVG 2013 from your computer (maybe because you want to use another antivirus).

This may sound simple but, often, via the classic control panel procedure you do not solve the problem. Indeed, you'll wait until your PC restart and then you'll find AVG still there, waiting for you (and maybe not working)!

To overcome that issue, try the following steps:

  1. Open AVG (double-clicking its icon in the lower bar)
  2. Go to the virus vault (quarantine) section and remove everything
  3. Download from here AVG Remover 2013 (pick up the right version: 32/64 bit)
  4. Close all browser and also AVG
  5. Execute AVG removal tool following on screen instructions
  6. After your PC reboots open a folder in Windows Explorer and enter in the upper-right search box the word "AVG"
  7. Remove every file or folder that shows up in results

at this point you should have successfully and completely removed all AVG 2013 leavings!


Some files that you should delete manually